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Lycanthropy, meaning "Wolf Man" is the generic name to a disease which transforms a creature into another, typically in reference to a Human becoming a Wolf, although most, if not all, other humanoids are also susceptible, as are several kinds of animal.[1]

Given the existence of Wererats, Werewolves and Werebears among other variants, the correct name for this disease should actually be "Therianthropy", meaning "Beast Man", but owing to the vast numbers of Werewolves over any other form of Were-creature, the generic name has stuck.

Whilst most Were-creatures live short, distracted lives scarcely different from those of any animal, a few go on to found bloodlines in a similar fashion to a Vampire, although in this case the disease is passed on through the womb rather than the jugular.

The most infamous of these bloodlines was in fact cut short before it became a genuine dynasty, but became so well-known through the deeds of the House of Wulfen - which ruled over Lupravia for many years after ousting its original Vampire aristocracy - that it became notorious by association.

Belladonna, contained in the leaves of the Deadly Nightshade plant is the only known cure, though it is possible to ward off the disease through magical means.[2]

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