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Macro Brain
FF Macro Brain
Preferred Weapon Human Fist (or see below)
Race/Species Human

The "Macro Brain" is a super-villain from Appointment with F.E.A.R..


The "Macro Brain" was born as the result of a genetic experiment in his embryonic stage, much like the superhero Silver Crusader. However, he became selfish and evil and turned his powers to a life of crime. He eventually joined F.E.A.R., where his tremendrous mental abilities made him one of the top operatives of the organization.[1]

In the wake of Vladimir Utoshski's plan to subjugate the world, the "Macro Brain" was assigned to lead a strike force against the Titan City military base. However, the Silver Crusader happened to be on the scene as he was on the lookout for F.E.A.R. Using a special Alpha-Wave Emitter created by himself, he subdued the "Macro Brain" and delivered him to the authorities.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the experiments conducted on him in his mother's womb, the "Macro Brain" was born with tremendrous mental capabilities. His intellect is presumably genius-level, and his training in F.E.A.R. made him a brilliant organizer and tactician.[3]

In addition, the "Macro Brain" developed strong psionic powers and the skill to use them efficiently and with devastating effect. Manifested stunts include telepathy and permanent mind control[4], the draining of life energy, and the ability to cancel a metahuman's ability to use his or her powers.[5]

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