Magic is a supernatural manipulation of the world, and is encountered in many forms throughout Titan, ranging from high sorcery to enchanted items. Its practitioners go by various labels, often depending on the type of magic they use.

Notably, the first system of magic available for use to the player was introduced in The Citadel of Chaos, which featured twelve spells and a magic statistic in addition to the regular skill, stamina and luck scores.[1]

In the Old World each country's magical system is a jealously guarded secret.[2]

Magic in TitanEdit

Fittingly for a world fashioned from magical soil,[3] there are many different types of magic found upon Titan. An attempt to actually arrange all its forms into categories might prove difficult, not least because some magic suggests properties of several different categories at once, and some may defy classification altogether.

Types of MagicEdit

Though classification is difficult, there are nevertheless some discrete types of magic that are commonly encountered.


Necromancy is the manipulation of life and death. It's also notable in Titan for a possible contradiction. The Background text in Return to Firetop Mountain states that "wizards who chose to come back from the dead were... always aligned to evil, for it was dark magic that was needed to cheat death".[4] Yet, the Resurrection spell, res in The Sorcery Spell Book, uses, of all evil things, Holy Water and doesn't appear to have any evil effects at all.[5]


Sorcery is practised by Sorcerers and is considered stronger than normal magic. A notable Sorcerer is Balthus Dire. Sorcery can be used by children who may become aspiring Sorcerers.


Witchraft is a primitive form of magic used by witches. It fouses on simple magics like herbalism, curses and prophecy. Romeena Dree invented her own witchcraft named Marrangha.


Wizards are those who use wizardry and is used for good purposes. However if a wizard was to turn evil they could use Wizardry for malevolent purposes. An example of a good wizard is Yaztromo. An example of an evil wizard is Volgera Darkstorm.

Means of Effecting MagicEdit

Almost all magic used upon Titan appears to be manifested through hand gestures, words, rituals and magical items. Analand's famous sorcery system, for instance, uses gestures, words and, often, items too in the casting of spells.

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