Malbordus (meaning "Child of Darkness" in Low Elvish; also known as Aëren Tintathel, meaning "Storm Child" in the corrupted Dark Elven tongue) is a Human adopted and trained by Princess Velicoma Endûl Kerithrion, the High Priestess of Darkside and secret acolyte of the Snake Demon Myurr.

Born on the 4th of Freeze, 267AC, and believed to have been abandoned by a peasant family who simply could not afford to feed another mouth, his hatred for the surface peoples and propensity for Dark Magic astonished even his depraved guardians and he was proclaimed a gift from the Dark Lords of Chaos. Plants would wither if he bent his thought to them, and he could gaze into the eyes of a wild Dark Elven hound so that it followed him around helplessly, until it finally perished of starvation because he had forgotten to command it to eat.[1]


A young Malbordus, setting a village ablaze

Whilst most Dark Elves would take decades to prepare for their first test, thereby proving themselves worthy of initiation into the Mysteries of Slangg, Malbordus took his test at the age of nine. As was typical of the Storm Child, he elected to make his own test - returning to the surface world and setting an entire Wood Elf village alight with little more than willpower.

His second test would be taken many years later, after he was a man, journeying deep into the Desert of Skulls to the city of Vatos - there to retrieve the Five Dragon Artefacts and release their power across the whole of Allansia.[2]

Whilst the wizard Gereth Yaztromo dispatched an adventurer to stop his plans coming from fruition, and the Dwarfs of Stonebridge even lent him the magical warhammer of King Gillibran Ironhelm III with which to smash the Artefacts and break the spell that bound them together, it is unknown as yet which of the champions, of Good or of Evil, succeeded in their mission.

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