skill 8 (Young: 4)
stamina 6 (Young: 3)
Weapon Used Whatever is to hand
Habitat Forests, Hills, Plains and Towns
Number Encountered 1 or 2-12
Type Humanoid
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence Average-High

The Man-Orc, also known as a Half-Orc, is the offspring of Orcs and Humans.[1]

They are sometimes to be found living in villages such as Torrepani in the Shamutanti Hills, sometimes as solitary shunned beings. They are disowned by both races. These unfortunate creatures are found sporadically throughout Khul. Their greatest concentration appears to be in the northern part of the continent, around the eastern Mountains of the Giants and into the Wastes of Chaos.[2]

See AlsoEdit

Man-Orc Champion


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