Man-Orc Champion
Man-Orc Champion
skill 10
stamina 10
Attacks 1
Weapon Used bladed weapons
Habitat variable
Type Humanoid/Halfbreed
Reaction hostile
Intelligence average

The Man-Orc Champion is a powerful kind of Man-Orc half-breed. The most notable one encountered in the Fighting Fantasy series is Dazrakk, the bodyguard of the evil wizard Zeverin, fought in Tower of Destruction.

Origins and DistributionEdit


Man-Orc Champions are tall and bulky humanoids with orc-like features. They are very strongly built and most often wear armours or other types of battle gear.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Man-Orc Champions are very strong, agile and skilled with weapons, making them very dangerous opponents. They are also described as remarkably intelligent considering the intellectual abilities of their species.

Other MediaEdit

Further NotesEdit

Upon defeating Dazrakk, the Man-Orc Champion in Tower of Destruction, you discover his scimitar to be a Magic Sword and promptly take it.

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
Tower of Destruction (para8, para48, para79#*, para149, para168, para199, para208, para220, para267, para350, para358)


# - denotes a reference with statistics
* - denotes a picture


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