Marcus Buletta
FF Dr. Macabre
skill 7
stamina 7
Preferred Weapon Human Fist or weapon
Race/Species Human

Marcus Buletta, better known under his villain alias "Dr. Macabre", is a super-villain from Appointment with F.E.A.R..


Marcus Buletta was a brilliant surgery expert who was shunned by the scientific community when he committed himself to advanced but unethnic surgical and vivisectional experiments in which he attached foreign body parts to a human body, creating a number of bizzare mutations.[1] In order to continue his experiments, Buletta has taken to a life of stealing the materials he needed, often with the help of his mutated henchmen.[2] He has a fatherly affection for his specimen and tries everything he can in order not to see them hurt.[3]

When Vladimir Utoshski, also known as the Titanium Cyborg, organized a meeting of F.E.A.R., he broke out Buletta to distract Titan City's superhero defender, the Silver Crusader.[4] Buletta lost no time raiding a drugstore for materials, along with his henchmen Four-Armed Beast and "Tiger Man", only to be cornered by the Crusader and taken into custody once more.[5]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dr. Macabre is a scientist skilled in medicine and biology, but physically not a very capable opponent. He prefers to send his henchmen against an opponent, moving in only when he has no other choice.[6]

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