Fighting Fantasy Board Game
Market mayhem
The first Fighting Fantasy board game
Publication details
Publisher: Penguin Books
Designer: Ian Livingstone
Box illustrator:
First published: 1984

Market Mayhem is a Fighting Fantasy boardgame adventure, by Ian Livingstone, based on the rules of Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game and was published on The Warlock, on Issue 3, pages 22-31 as a pull out insert. The game is peculiar as it is the first published Fighting Fantasy board game, uses the basic ruleset of Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game, although with some extra rules about magic, and introduces in the Role-playing game maps to be used with miniatures and movement. The game can be played by three to fourteen players that will control one of the fourteen available pre-generated characters (each with a card complete with an image of the character, name, skill, stamina, race, movement, weapons, magic items, spells, mission and start position on the board), a game board to be glued on a carboard base, representing the main marketplace of Port Blacksand. There are also thirteen non-player characters counters and a number of objects (pots, statues, buckets, clogs, pans, logs, bottles... all potential missiles) to be added to the map. The game, following the likes, the dislikes and the motivations of the characters (playing and non-playing) on the board, can realistically only evolve into a mass-brawl, to be handled through the map and with the rules of Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game.[1]

Playing CharactersEdit

Market Mayhem characters Market Mayhem characters (1)

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  1. Warlock Issue 3 - p.22

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