Market Square is the busiest of Port Blacksand's squares.[1]

It is situated at the north end of Market Street. However, it is not considered as being within the Merchant District but rather within The Noose.

A market of some sort takes place every day. The market thrives with market sellers dealing in fruit, vegetables, meat, soup, corn, chestnuts amongst other foodstuffs and all manner of other wares and miscellany. On one day sellers may be selling livestock, as well as silks and spices, on another fruit and rare animals. Thus the character changes day to day and week to week. The core of the market, however, is always the same providing everything from hot pies to poison, helmets to hatpins, bonnets to boots.

Entertainment is also available in the form of minstrels, poets, actors, wrestlers and strongmen. In the very centre of the market is a clump of trees where stocks are set up in which prisoners are held. Urchins sell rotten tomatoes, eggs and cabbages at 1SP per bag to throw at the prisoners.

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