Marrangha is one of the most infamous and reviled forms of Black Magic, used since time immemorial for the creation of new and inevitably twisted forms of life.[1]

Some creatures are well known for being Marrangha Creatures, but many other races are widely suspected to be the direct result of Marrangha experiments, such as Rhino-Men, Cat PeopleDog-ApesApe-Dogs and  Spider-Men, that are considered amongst the most successful races crafted as the result of its use. Usually, the victims of Marrangha end up as Mutes: little more than quivering piles of flesh and bone, screaming for their miserable lives to be ended ... if they can scream at all. However, they can be still put at some use due to the fear that their painful wailing can cause. [2]

This dark art has become even more notorious in recent years owing to its widespread practice among the witches of Dree and by its most unholy practitioner's obsession with it - Zharradan Marr, who even took his name from it. Indeed, Marr has been the most active of all wizards in pursuing the perfection of this foul art, with some saying that he has successfully crafted the perfect warrior-organism, though it is suspected that the Caarth have also become extremely proficient at its use.

The Evil wizard Xakhaz is probably a very skilled practitioner of marrangha as well".[3] .

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