Marsh Goblin

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Marsh Goblin
skill 6
stamina 6
Attacks 1
Habitat Marshes
Number Encountered 1-6
Type Humanoid
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

A Marsh Goblin is similar to a common Goblin, but they are thinner with green tinted scaly skin, and their hands and feet are webbed for swimming. Within the Goblin world they are known as the Uggluk-jai and are generally regarded as nasty, spiteful creatures who delight in making war with neighbours such as the Kokomokoa or setting up booby-traps to catch unwary travellers.

Marsh Goblin live in communal villages which are built from mud and reeds on raft-like platform floating on the surface of marsh/swamp water. The entrances to these dwellings are located underwater to deter intruders. Marsh Goblins worship several deities including Hashak, Sluurm and Vurrk.

They are to be found in the marshlands of Khul.[1]

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