Marsh Hopper
skill 4
stamina 4
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Human Fist
Habitat Marshes
Number Encountered 1-3
Type Humanoid/Amphibian
Reaction Friendly (see below)
Intelligence Average

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Marsh Hopper is a small amphibian humanoid that dwells in the swamps of Fire Island and western Allansia[1], such as the estuary of the River Kok.[2] The fact that they have not been encountered elsewhere, together with their non-appearance on the general "Marshes" Encounter Table, would tend to support such a restricted distribution.

They are known to be related to the Kokomokoa of Allansia's south-eastern jungles.[1] Another potential relative are the Fen Folk of the Blackmire in Ruddlestone.[3] Although the Fen Folk have large clawed feet that are more akin to the Kokomokoa, their skin texture and head structure are extremely similar to those of the Marsh Hoppers.

As with Kokomokoa, the scaly skin of the Marsh Hoppers suggests a possible Reptile side to their ancestry that seems at odds with their otherwise Humanoid/Amphibian type.[1]


Marsh Hoppers stand around one and a half metres tall. They have large heads, with huge, almost sad eyes, and wide mouths, with a pink forked tongue.[4] Their bodies are small in comparison, and covered in green scales. Their arms are long and very dextrous, whilst their legs are shorter and end in wide, webbed feet.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Marsh Hoppers have no special abilities but they are cunning in the extreme. They know the swamps backwards and will often appear to aid lone adventurers. However, they will really lead them into the lairs of larger monsters such as Slime Suckers or Hydras in return for a few left-over scraps of meat.[1] To quote one publication: "That infernal Marsh Hopper has led you into a section of the marsh seething with carnivorous life."[5]

Further NotesEdit

  • Marsh Hoppers live in small isolated family groups, hidden deep in the swamps well away from larger predators. The nimble creatures often roam far and wide across the marshland, however, searching for a suitable meal. They usually live on fish, Frogs, and other small creatures, but their cunning minds occasionally bring them a far richer feast![1]
  • Marsh Hoppers, similar to their Kokomokoa brethren, are known to be the favoured prey of Marsh Giants.[6]
  • They are sometimes known as Mud Hoppers, and this forms the basis of a common threat by powerful sorceresses: "I will turn you all into Mud Hoppers!"[7]

See AlsoEdit


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