The Marsh of the Lost Sea is in Deathmoor and is the remnant of an inland sea around the edges of which was built the towns and cities of the Stargazers in ancient times.[1]

In the Time of Heroes some great Evil befell the civilisation. Although we do not know the details, it seems that some great sorcery-filled battle ensued, destroying much of the towns and cities of the Stargazers. Great beasts known as Flesh-Eaters appeared on the coasts of the inland sea, patrolling it and preventing the civilisation regaining a foothold. The inland sea was polluted and defiled and reduced in size, the majority of it becoming but a marsh. Those lands that had once surrounded the sea became riven with mists and magical energy, and are now known as Deathmoor. In the centre of the marsh is a lake, the tiny remnant of the lost sea. It is said that certain Willow Trees within the marsh still remember ancient days and impart upon those that would find shelter in them dreams of when the marsh was a vast inland sea thriving with ships of trade, fair towns and joyful people.

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