The Master of Hellfire is physically one of the strongest individuals affiliated to Zharradan Marr, although his exact relationship is unknown.[1]

As one of those stationed aboard the Galleykeep and sometimes appearing as a Zombie-like undead, it could reasonably be supposed that he was somehow created by Marr. However, he is extremely threatening to anyone who enters his room without permission and delights in slowly killing those who disturb him, suggesting that he is actually an associate, rather than servant, of Marr's.

He is more than a match for Thugruff, but also possesses incredible mastery over fire, capable of generating it from any part of his body - though simply exuding heat and expelling directed beams of flame from his eyes appear to be his preferred "modus operandi" - and causing considerable damage with it. He also seems to have other supernatural or magical abilities, including an apparent inability to be killed by normal means and some slight telekinesis.

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  1. Creature of Havoc - ???

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