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Maun Tower was the seat of the Vampiress Countess Isolde, who ruled over the village of Maun in such a way that its inhabitants were mostly unaware or uncaring of how badly things were going for them.[1]

It is of considerable size, being seven floors in height and extending some distance beneath ground as well, whilst its footprint is surprisingly large, containing enough room for several kitchens, store-rooms and an impressive banqueting chamber.

Whilst inhabited, it was a grim place. Bats nested among its battlements, and Ravens roosted among the cells on the third floor. Fang Hounds and Zombies guarded the courtyard and crypt respectively, but it was the Tenebrae that guarded Countess Isolde that were its most grim inhabitants - barring the Countess herself, who dwelt on the highest floor.

In different hands, the Tower may once have been a particularly nice dwelling. The first and second floors were devoted to heraldic weaponry and statues, including those of notable Lupravian individuals, there was a large art gallery on the fourth floor, a fine wine cellar and even a chapel on the fifth floor.

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