Mawn Pretagorus was - and may still be - a necromancer who dwells in Divil's Lane in Blackhaven.[1]

Despite his profession, he gave little indication of being a genuinely Evil Man, but more one who has sacrificed much to pursue interests typically seen as supremely dangerous and worrying. His home, much like himself, was incredibly eerie - it appeared fashioned out of constantly shifting angles and possessed a portal directly to the Necrotic Wilderness of Q'yann

He was of great assistance to a bounty hunter seeking Karam Gruul, by utilising the energies he was familiar with to release the true power of a Hand of Glory - originally just the wooden hand of a convicted criminal - and make it into a true Ward of Notura. This allowed the bounty hunter to avoid Gruul's attempt to transform him into a mindless beast by means of a hypnotic implant powered by the dark art of Notura.[2]

His current status and location is unknown.

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