Menel Ithilkir
Race/Species Elf
Gender Male

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Prince Menel Ithilkir is one of the five members of the Shaërn Kerithrion and is the head of the Ithilkir branch of the royal family.[1]

He rarely attends any of the meetings unless war is being proposed or the torture of a Wood Elf is part of the festivities, which is a shame, as he is usually on the side of the Garathrim siblings - Astrëa and Leya, and thus could help them swing the council towards a lighter, more workable base.

In truth, he is only a member of the Shaërn Kerithrion because of the death of his much stronger mother, who was poisoned some years ago by an unknown assassin. Whilst this is widely suspected to be one of Velicoma's little plots, it was in fact the work of the Garathrim.

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