skill 8
stamina 12
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Teeth, claws, opponent's weapons
Habitat  ???
Number Encountered  ???
Type Humanoid
Reaction  ???
Intelligence  ???

The Metallix is a small, lean creature around a metre in height.[1]

It has a wide-eyed, innocuous appearance. Both its features and its diminutive stature contribute to the deceptive impression that it is harmless. In fact, the creature can be a vicious killer, and its inoffensive look may be simply a ruse to lure potential victims.

As its name might suggest, the creature has a special relationship to metal. It cannot be harmed by any weapons fashioned from the substance, leaving many would-be combatants virtually defenceless against it. None of the Metallix's blood is shed when struck with metal. The creature sometimes simply withdraws its attacker's weapon from its strange flesh, proceeding to wield that same weapon itself.[2]

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