Mistletoe is a parasite-herb often found growing on old diseased trees in forests and swampy places such as the Blackmire.

Mistletoe must be cut with a Golden Sickle if it is to retain its magical properties. Mistletoe is an important component, along with Death's Shroud and Malague, of the Venom's Bane Potion, which acts as an antidote to the poisonous bite of creatures such as snakes and spiders. It can also be used, along with Sprite Weed and Scrallus, to create Aylmer's Elixir. This is a powerful preparation that helps the user commune with their gods by inducing a trance-like state for a few minutes. The effect is to increase their faith score by 2 points. Mistletoe features prominently in the legends and folklore of Ruddlestone.[1]

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