Money in Titan usually means the almost ubiquitous means of exchange throughout the planet, which is the use of coins of a predominantly metallic persuasion. They come in a variety of sizes, values, and metallic make-up.

Generic TermsEdit

The terms "Gold Piece" (GP), "Silver Piece" (SP), "Copper Piece" (CP) and "Bronze Piece" (BP) are the main and most widely used exchange systems across Titan.

Approximate values - TBC

Local VariationsEdit

Depending upon which part of the world you find yourself in, many of the generic coins have specific nicknames, such as "Kings" for xxx in yyy, "Sovereigns" for xxx in yyy, and "Gold Eagle" for xxx in yyy, to name but a handful.

There are also other less common coins, such as the 2SP, 5SP, 5GP and 10GP, in circulation across the world.

List - TBC

All coins in Old Allansia for example, weigh approximately an ounce, and its value is determined by weight. All the organised nations of Allansia issue their own coins and their own values, which are generally universally accepted across the continent, although small villages and towns may be suspicious of far away, currency. Due to the various guilds and nations co-operation all of the coins are now widely minted, moulded and stamped or carved in a similar circular shape and size, except for the 5SP and 10GP, which are noticeably larger, heavier and octagonal.[1]

Currency in Port BlacksandEdit

Currency in ChaliceEdit

Currency in Chiang-MiaEdit

Currency in Kay-PongEdit

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