Lord Moon
Domain The Moon
Other Names Lunara; Tiriel; Kuran
Symbols Moon
Parentage Ashra
Spouses Sindla
Children Usrel; Asrel; Libra
Siblings Glantanka and Filash
Holy Day 26th Freeze (26th Snow's Cloak): Holy day of Tiriel[1]
28th Reaping (1st Nature's Curling)[2]

Lord Moon is the male personification of the Moon Deity.


He is the brother of the Sun goddess Glantanka and the Fire god Filash. In south-east Allansia, where he is known as Kuran, he is seen as the son of Glantanka. It is believed that he is a member of one of the original families of the gods created by the Primal Deities. In his case, his family is believed to have been created by Ashra. He is one of the Greater Gods. Some religions believe that Lord Moon is Sindla's husband, for as his sister's light attracted Titan, Sindla was captivated by his more enigmatic light.


There is much argument to suggest that Lord Moon is not a purely Good deity. The Moon is worshipped by the Dark Elves as Tiriel, "the Silent Guardian" and this does not appear to be a blind belief because he has granted them his blessings on occasion. However, like other gods of Good he is bound to the path of Goodness that can forgive the creatures of Evil enough to grant them blessing when they need it.

Also the Moon in certain manifestations is associated with nights of Evil, such as Shekka's Moon. This may have something to do with a history between Shekka and Lord Moon that we do not fully understand.

Female PersonificationEdit


Moon as Lunara

In the Old World the moon is a female deity known as Lunara, especially worshipped in Analand.


In the Legend of Throben Lunara is one of the six gods who created this mystical land to prevent the loss of the wisdom of magic after the First Battle. The people who were invested with magic by him were the Sightmasters. It was the six gods who together brought about the existence of the Theomancer to unite the six peoples of Throben in this tale.

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