Moon Demon
skill 6 - 7
stamina 6 - 10
Weapon Used Claws, Fangs, Tongue
Habitat The Pit
Number Encountered one to many
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile

Moon Demons are nocturnal, Gargoyle-like Demons who tend to travel in packs.

The Demons are lean, winged creatures and, individually at least, are not very powerful. They are unable to enter the physical plane themselves, requiring some kind of rift to be torn open between the physical and demonic worlds.[1] Their nature is such that they cannot abide daylight[2] and thus have only been found abroad during the dark hours, typically moving in large groups.[3]

They are vulnerable to normal methods of combating demons - contact with Holy Water and Holy Circles are hazardous to the creatures.[4] However, despite regular Moon Demons not seeming to possess any significant powers, a single Moon Demon mage has been encountered who, at any rate, did demonstrate some magical aptitude - he was performing the Rite of Reanimation upon the corpse of the Necromancer, Magrand. The forbidden rite was capable of creating an especially loathsome and dangerous form of undead.[5]

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