skill 11
stamina 6
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by weapon or magic
Habitat Krill Garnash
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human/Wizard
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Morgana, also known as the Fell Sorceress of Krill Garnash, is an evil sorceress.[1]


Morgana has been suggested by some to be an acolyte of Ishtra. She attempted to unleash pure mayhem on the world in the late third century AC. By mastering the Twelve Forms, the sigils which were said to hold the keys of power over all things, Morgana sought to create an irresistible force over all living things.

Morgana aimed to make masks of the sigils and imbue these masks with the power of mayhem. She then planned to fit these masks to undead Golems, and then unleash them to do her will. For this purpose, she ensnared Ifor Tynin, a sorcerer in the service of the heroic King of Arion, the bearer of the Twelfth Sigil, to become her accomplice and lure the wanted sigil and its bearer into her hands. However, before her plan could come into fruition, Morgana, her Golems and her fellow conspirator were destroyed by the King.[2]

Morgana's sign was a blood red "M" on a black flag.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Morgana is a sorceress of considerable power. The full extend of her magical prowess is unknown, but she was capable of casting curses[3] and made use of protective spells, such as one that dampened the impact of physical weapons, making her suffer only 1 point of stamina damage per hit.[4] Due to the nature of the Twelve Golems' creation, it is also likely that she knew necromantic and transfiguring magic as well.[5]

See AlsoEdit


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