Morgwyn's spectre

Morgwyn of the Dark Tower was a witch and the wife of Belgaroth the Dread Lord. She followed him on the path of Evil and became a worshipper of Shekka, the Goddess of Sorcery.

Morgwyn fought alongside her husband during the Crusade against Chaos, during which the armies of King Chivalras IX of Ruddlestone besieged Caer Skaal, Belgaroth's stronghold, by summoning evil ghosts and spirits against Chivalras' forces. When she learnt that Belgaroth fell in battle, she trew herself from the highest tower of Caer Skaal.

In Knights of Doom, Morgwyn is brought back to the Earthly Plane, along with Belgaroth and his Chaos Knights, as a demented spectre. She is fought when the Templar of Telak sent to kill Belgaroth once and for all comes near the throne room of Caer Skaal.

Morgwyn is a dangerous foe who seals the player's doom if he lacks a magic weapon. She will counter the Banish Spirit with her magic and retaliate with a bolt of dark energy that costs 4 stamina points. Morgwyn has skill 9 stamina 9; if she wins the first attack-round, she fires a darl bolt that costs 4 stamina points, if she wins the second she summons evil spirits that cost 6 stamina points. After that she fights with the life-draining touch of the spectres. Should she win an attack round, the player will lose 1 in skill 5 times of 6,causing a big disadvantage for the upcoming fight against Belgaroth.

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