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Lord Mortis

Mortis of Balthor is known as the Lich-Lord is an undead warlord and necromancer who serves as the primary antagonist of the gamebook The Keep of the Lich-Lord.[1]

Two hundred years before the start of the story, Mortis of Balthor attempted to take over the Arrowhead Archipelago, but his armies were defeated by a coalition lead by the hero Khalamyn. Mortis himself faced Khalamyn one-to-one and fell under his magical Ivory Spear, the very same second Khalamyn fell, struck by a bolt of dark energy. Nowadays, Mortis returned as an undead lich when a graverobber foolishly took the spear from his vault. He takes over Bloodrise Keep and swarms Stayng Island with his undeads, even resurrecting his wife Lady Lotmora as a vampire, and strikes an alliance with the Chaos Pirates. However, he is defeated once and for all by a hero remembered as the Chosen of Lhyss.

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