Mountain Basilisk
skill 8
stamina 13
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Bite
Habitat Caves, Mountains, Ruins
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average-Low

For other uses of Basilisk, see Basilisk (disambiguation)

The Mountain Basilisk is an extremely rare creature, of which there has only been one recorded encounter: by the adventurer who slew the Night Dragon.[1]

Origins and DistributionEdit

It is presumably related to normal Basilisks, being a superior strain of descendants of the original Basilisk, though it is considerably stronger and much more cunning.


A Mountain Basilisk measures over four metres from snout to tail, being much darker than its desert-dwelling relatives and obviously more powerful. It appeared to have developed night vision, enabling it to move through the darkness of its subterranean home without impediment, as well as great resilience to harmful substances such as natural gas, given that it dwelt in an abandoned mine with considerable quantities of it.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Mountain Basilisk retains the petrifying ability of its lesser cousins, requiring each of its victims to Test their Luck to avoid looking into its eyes and turning to stone. However, unlike regular Basilisks, it appears to be too intelligent to look into a mirror or other reflective device and be turned to stone itself.

Further NotesEdit

  • Mountain Basilisks appear to possess an incredible control over their petrifying ability, since the Dwarf community which the only recorded one invaded was not entirely turned to stone. Instead, they were left with a measure of mobility, permitting them to move around and speak, but in much the same fashion as a Stone Golem or some other Construct.
  • This curse could apparently only be lifted fully by actually causing the petrification of the Mountain Basilisk itself using a Magic Mirror, otherwise resulting in continued stiffness and general slowness.

See AlsoEdit


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  2. Night Dragon

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