skill 5
stamina 4
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Small Claw
Habitat Marshes, Rivers
Number Encountered 4-14 (2 die plus 2)
Type Humanoid/Amphibian
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Mudclaw is a relatively intelligent amphibious creature that dwells in small colonies among the thickets of reeds and rushes on the fringes of marshes and river-banks.[1]

They have been recorded from the Blackmire in north-western Ruddlestone.[2] This appearance, together with the fact they occur on the Encounter Tables for both "Marshes" and "Rivers/Lakes",[3] would suggest that Mudclaws are found in similar habitats across Titan.

The origins of Mudclaws are obscure, but the fact they have a tail suggests they have some Newt or Salamander ancestry. In fact, they could be a smaller relative of the much rarer newt-like humanoid creature known as the Gremoll.[4]

For this reason, the Mudclaw type has been changed to Humanoid/Amphibian which much better reflects their appearance than the now-redundant Animal type that they were accorded with in Out of the Pit.[5]


Mudclaws are small, two-legged amphibians that stand only half a metre or so tall. Their skins are coloured in mottled patterns of green and brown blotches, which provide them with good camouflage against larger predators. They have powerful legs with wide, webbed toes, allowing them to both run and swim at high speed. They have a high ridge of bony spikes across their backs, and a short tail, which helps them steer when swimming. Their short arms finish in surprisingly strong prehensile hands, which are equipped with short, sharp claws.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Mudclaws have no special abilities other than their tendency to attack unwary travellers in large numbers.[1]

Further NotesEdit

  • These ravenous little beasts will eat almost anything they can find, including fish, insects and plants, but are most fond of warm-blooded meat. They have been known to prey on Rats, Voles, and stray herd animals. Occasionally, they will gang together to assail a lone adventurer, who will suddenly find themselves assaulted on all sides by Mudclaws, slashing and rending with dagger-sharp claws, whilst trying to drag their prey into the water before tearing off strips of flesh to eat. In such a coordinated attack, they can be more deadly than Piranhas, though smaller groups of Mudclaws tend to be less blatant and more selective in their choice of meals.[1]
  • Mudlcaws live in dens similar to those built by Beavers, small hut-like structures of woven reeds covered with mud and grass. Their young cannot provide for themselves until almost fully grown, relying instead on the food brought by their intriguingly loyal parents.[1]

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