skill 11
stamina 12
Attacks 5
Weapon Used Very Large Bite
Habitat Lakes, Marshes, Rivers
Number Encountered 1
Type Worm
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The only known example in canon of a Mudgrinder was found in a stinking marsh on the north bank of the River Kok, between the cities of Fang and Zengis, in north-western Allansia.[1] Given the huge size of the creature though, their range must be substantial, taking in the entire River Kok valley, and especially the Marshes of Kok estuary. They may well be found further afield too, in the River Sardath and Lake Nykosa.[2]

Mudgrinders are almost certainly some kind of gigantic Worm, and their closest relative is likely the Giant Sandworm of the Desert of Skulls. They are also probably distantly related to the semi-aquatic Devilworm from Ruddlestone, in the Old World.[3]


These grotesque black hulks are massive creatures with a thick hide that is lined with deep grooves. They have an eyeless head, with a gaping blood-red maw studded with rows of dagger-like teeth.[4] The creature's underbelly is softer than the rest of its hide, and yellow in colour.[5] Those fortunate to actually injure the beast will discover that it bleeds a thick green fluid from its wounds.[6] No one has ever measured how long a Mudgrinder is, but a figure of ten to fifteen metres seems likely.[7]

Special AbilitiesEdit

An alternative to engaging the Mudgrinder in a straight fight is to attempt to wound its soft underbelly. This is dangerous however, as the creature may smother YOU under the mud and water of its marshy home, where you will quickly die by drowning. To attempt this, YOU must roll your skill or less on two dice. Success means that YOU have killed the beast or driven it off. Failure indicates that the Mudgrinder has flattened YOU under its enormous bulk and your adventure is over![8]

The Mudgrinder's 5 Attacks is just a suggestion, based both on a similar figure for the Giant Sandworm,[9] and the fact that the Mudgrinder is recorded as slaying five warriors at once, by smothering them all.[10]

Further NotesEdit

See AlsoEdit


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