skill 5 (but see below)
stamina 4 (but see below)
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Bite
Habitat Hills, Mountains
Number Encountered 3-5
Type Animal
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Mungie is one of the four species of Great Ape that dominate Mauristatia,[1] being descended from an isolated species of Great Ape and perfectly adapted to life in the highland forests. They are common throughout most of Mauristatia and the north-eastern hills of Kakhabad, but there is also some evidence that they are found - at least in very small numbers - in parts of Allansia, since their brains were known to have served as part of the Marrangha experiments performed by the early witches of Dree.[2] However, as one of the four Great Apes of Mauristatia, they have been described as being very different from the more familiar apes of the New World, a potential reference to Allansia.[1] A presence in Allansia would therefore suggest they were brought there rather than by natural migration.[3]


The typical Mungie stands just short of a metre tall, with wide heads and glowing red eyes, and a pair of upper and lower canines that are very noticeable when they scream or shriek at enemies. They are kleptomaniacs, being irresistibly drawn towards gold and other shiny objects, and will do anything non-violent in their power to acquire it - since though they always attack in packs, it will only ever be in self-defence or if provoked by magic.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Mungies are incredibly swift and can only be attacked by someone with a minimum skill of 9 during the day, or a minimum of 10 during the night. They also possess night vision and incredible reflexes.

Further NotesEdit

  • Mungies are the ultimate natural pickpockets, and anyone who falls asleep in Mungie territory will undoubtedly fall afoul of their thievery. Even someone who is simply walking through it must Test for Luck to see if the Mungies are successful!
  • Mungies are always fought as a single creature, using the statistics given above as a base score and adding 1 skill and 3 stamina for every creature after the first in the pack.
  • Mungies were first mentioned in Warlock Issue 5 in the special "The Apes of Mauristatia" Out of the Pit section, as a game aid for the adventure In Search of the Mungies' Gold.

See AlsoEdit


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