BCUS045Mutiny Spell

The US version of the BattleCard 'Mutiny Spell'

BC078Mutiny Spell

The UK version of the BattleCard 'Mutiny Spell'

45 Mutiny spell US back

Back of the US card

Mutiny Spell was US BattleCard 45 and UK BattleCard 78.


The card used artwork by Martin McKenna.

The artwork in the UK version was by Alan Craddock



Category StatsEdit

BattleCard TypeEdit

This card is one of Magic Spells (BattleCard Type) series.

Further NotesEdit

This spell could only be used in Campaign Battles and not in single combat. (please see BattleCards#Battle Mechanics).

See AlsoEdit


UK BattleCards UKflag
Preceded by
The Dragonstone
Mutiny Spell (BattleCard) Succeeded by
Ironbark Shield
US BattleCards USflag
Preceded by
Shield Dissolve Spell
Mutiny Spell (BattleCard) Succeeded by
Anti-Magic Spell

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