The Mutton Fish is a huge kind of fish found in Lake Lumlé in Kakhabad in the Old World.

The Mutton Fish is so big that one can provide food for a month of banqueting. However, the flesh of the fish is so tasty that it is addictive to those who eat it. When news of the Mutton Fish reached Kharé, the captain of a merchant ship from Brice, one Santé Shaaman, resolved to catch these fish and bring them to Brice in the hope of making his fortune. Shaaman's plans failed when his ship was wrecked on the north-west shores of Lake Lumlé by a tremendous gale.[1]

In the d20 VersionEdit

In the d20 module Kharé - Cityport of Traps, the Mutton Fish is referred to as the Lumlé Fish.[2] The flesh of this docile fish is described as delicate, sweet and very addictive, and this has had a serious impact on life in Kharé. The Merchants' Guild of the city, led by Garin Alderay, took control of the Lumlé Fish trade. With the wealth this brought them, they bought the Assassins' Guild, merged it with their own guild, and took control of the city, murdering its former governors and nobles. Having disposed of the First Noble of Kharé, Sansas, Alderay was appointed as First Noble and Governor of the city.[3] Under his rule, fishing in Lumlé (presumably without a license) is punishable by death.[4]

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