A Myrmirin is a great beast dwelling in deserts.

The skin of a Myrmirin is grey, as thick as a Troll, and it looks like cracked and marbled stone. Its head is three-horned (two above its tiny ears, and one one the forehead); and as high as a man. Its feet are clawed, and its limbs heavy. Its tail is spiked. It may briefly sprint to the speed of a horse [1][2].

Myrmirins dwell in the White Bone Desert, in Amarillia. Despite their wildness, they may be used as war-mounts, with the help of magic. It might have been the case during the times of the Sarchan Empire, since bleached bones of Myrmirins protrude from the sand of the White Bone Desert, at the location of old battlefields [3]. The Kulkur managed to use Myrmirins as war beasts too [2].

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