Naas, also known as the Dark One, is a Dark Elf of the Old World who, in 284AC, aided in the recovery of the Staff of Power from Shanzikuul, but was killed in trying to take it for his own people's needs.[1]

Although from the Old World, Naas was known by other seekers of the Staff. Given the previous alliance between Shanzikuul and the Dark Elves, Naas' mission to retrieve the Staff from Shanzikuul raises questions about the precise nature of that old alliance. Also Naas conduct in the quest for the Staff implies that the level of honour among Dark Elves is not so diminished as popular opinion would suggest. For instance, having been rescued by a hero, he made reference to the fact that in such matters he was not without honour, whilst in the same breadth admitting that he was a follower of Evil. He lent a powerful Dark Elf artefact to that hero, a bronze bracelet which protected the wearer against hostile magic as well as a Potion of Health. This is further indication of the non-homogenous nature of what many in Titan would term the forces of Evil. On top of the apparent inconsistencies of a Dark Elf fighting against Shanzikuul and a display of honour from a Dark Elf, is the apparent enmity between Naas and Vardrath the necromancer.

Naas was described by one contemporary as being of a kind that "are silent, dangerous, and strike swiftly and with deadliness". He was said to have had deep-violet eyes and that his preferred weapon was a sword. He was also said to have possessed a magical rope, which he would hold on to one end of, cause it to uncoil upwards, and then disappear up the rope out of sight. A most useful weapon for an assassin or thief.

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