Nautical Academy of Kallamehr

The Nautical Academy of Kallamehr is a school for aspiring young sea captains based in the city of Kallamehr in southern Allansia.

History and BuildingsEdit

The academy is ancient and the building in which it is housed is equally so. It is also decrepit, perched dangerously close to a cliff. The building was topped by an ancient weathervane in the form of a ship. This weathervane was one of the three items required by the Riddling Reaver to be collected and sacrificed to the God of the Sea by the adventurers who were on his trail to avenge Baron Bluestone's death.[1] The rather grand entrance way is flanked on either side by statues of Hydana. The building houses one enormous classroom in which are decaying desks and musty books and charts.[2]


Kallamehr's school for aspiring young sea captains is famous throughout southern Allansia. It also has a reputation for harbouring some of the most rebellious youngsters of the city.[2]


The pupils of the academy had to wear robes. However, any formality this was meant to instil did not seem to extend to their behaviour. Notorious for harbouring brats, the children were known to career around the building noisily and lean out of windows shouting at passers-by. They were even known to climb the roof and throw tiles at people. The pupils were also known to form gangs and have fights within the classroom involving water-bombs, ink-pellets and pea shooters. They were even known to have drugged their teacher from time to time.[2]

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