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A Necromancer is a practitioner of magic specialising in the summoning of dead spirits, raising the dead and occasionally the definition is stretched to include the summoning of Demons.[1]

Some famous Necromancers include:

Zagor is sometimes referred to as a necromancer, but this is in the more diluted, and disputed, meaning of the term to cover demonologists.


Necromage appears to be largely a synonym for Necromancer.

The only individual referred to as a Necromage is Cadaver.[3] Unusually for a Necromancer, Cadaver sports not just macabre, undead characteristics, but also mutations in the form of Giant Spider legs protruding from his otherwise humanoid body.[4] It could be that the nature of the magic wielded by a Necromage is in some way different from that of a Necromancer, and may result in such mutations.

The legendary Skull Beast, a monstrous entity from the Lands of the Dead, was a creature that had eight, spider-like legs.[5] Whether Cadaver returned to life tainted by whatever forces course through the Lands of the Dead, or whether there is some other connection between the two, is unknown.

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