The Netherworld Sorcerers are mysterious beings with great powers, servants of Logaan and the other Trickster Gods who live in Cragrock Peaks and the area to the north.[1][2]

According to historians, the Netherworld Sorcerers were "dwelling in their remote towers in the Northlands for many centuries before man settled there."[1] Described as an "ancient race",[3] it is not known if the Sorcerers are magically-altered Humans or some other species. They keep a close watch on the Old World, and intervene to ensure the balance between Good and Evil.[1]

Examples include their forging of the Ting Ring, their finest achievement, which they gave to the nobles of Gallantaria, and conjuring the Demon Fish to ravage the coast of the Onyx Sea until it was destroyed by the Hero of The Tasks of Tantalon. They are not infallible, however, and were tricked into helping Myurr create a portal between the planes, until they were convinced of his deceit by the Demon-Stalker.[1][2][3]

On Seaday 26th of Warming, 160AC, the Netherworld Sorcerers appeared to Prince Hajerlin.[4]

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