Neuberg Keep is the centre of Neuberg's power and home of the House of Tholdur.[1]


The Keep is an ominous building made of an almost black rock whose battlements hint at the warlike past of the peoples of Neuberg and indeed of the Keep itself. For this Keep is built on Castle Hill where the very battle that founded Neuberg was fought. The Keep was built around 30AC following the cataclysmic Battle of Castle Hill to block the entrance to the subterranean tunnels in which Xakhaz and the more unnatural of his allies were entombed. The other entrance was blocked by the Temple of Oiden. Unlike the Temple, however, access to the topmost tunnels could be achieved via the the dungeons. These upper tunnels contained few monsters, those few including a despicable Bakk Ruman.

Areas of the CastleEdit

There were three main sections to the castle, these being the living quarters, the public areas and the underground region. Within the Keep itself are many wonderful rooms but none so great as Tholdur's Great Hall where dignitaries are welcomed and feasted and great tales are retold. This Castle also had a little known Herb Garden, tended to by Vernic the Green-Fingered. During its occupation by Senyakhaz, most of the original staff were replaced, mainly by Orcs, with the exception of the guards, who were replaced by swordsmen from the South. The Margraves of the Castle were descended from Skarlos himself, until the death of Baron Tholdur, whose heir was the hero who had freed the castle from Senyakhaz. Curiously, several tapestries in the castle were capable of transporting a person to the images they held (e.g. Zagoula and the top of the Castle).

Notable InhabitantsEdit

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