One of the continents of Titan, in which lie the lands of Analand, Femphrey, Gallantaria, Kakhabad, Lendleland, Mauristatia and Ruddlestone, is known as the Old World.

We might expect that as a counterpart to this there should be a New World on Titan too, and seems that this is indeed the case. In Warlock issue 5, we learn that "Four species of Great Ape dominate Mauristatia and each is very different from the more familiar apes of the New World."[1]

However, it is not clear what is being referred to as the "New World" on Titan. In addition to the Old World, Titan has two other continents, Allansia and Khul, as well as a number of smaller islands and an Unknown Land.[2] Does it refer to both Allansia and Khul, or does it only refer to one of these? Since Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World is essentially written from an Allansian perspective, it is perhaps the case that the term "New World" refers only to it.

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