Nicholas Halliday is an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared on the cover of of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.


Early LifeEdit

Nicholas Halliday studied at Epsom School of Art and Design, Lancashire Polytechnic and Kingston Polytechnic. Since graduating from Kingston in 1991 with a BA in graphic design he has worked as a freelance designer and illustrator.[1]


He now runs HallidayBooks, set up in 2006, publishing unique and original children's titles.[1]

He has both authored and illustrated a number of books, including the highly praised The Lonely Tree, which the Times Educational Supplement described as "Richly illustrated and sympathetically explored for younger readers and, of course, that last acorn is the seed for a happy ending."


Cover Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

Map Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

Personal LifeEdit

He has one daughter, Lily, to whom The Lonely Tree is dedicated.[1]

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