skill 8-10
stamina 10-11
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Large Kick, Large Bite or see below
Habitat Demonic Planes, anywhere their summoner is
Number Encountered 1
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

A Night-Mare, also known as Nightmare or Demon Steed[1], is a type of demonic horse from the Demonic Planes.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Night-Mares originate from the Demonic Planes, but exactly as how to such a demonic version of the earthly horse came into existence is unknown. It is known that they are commonly used by the Demon Princes in their Wild Hunts for human souls on Titan's surface.[2]

However, on occasion, special beings of great power are granted the gift of summoning a Night-Mare for use as steeds, especially if they have good standings with the Demonic Princes and are capable of sowing great chaos upon the world. Such users have included Count Reiner Heydrich, a greater vampire lord, and the undead Chaos Lord Belgaroth.


In their general build, Night-Mares look like normal horses. However, their skin is without exception of a midnight-black color; their general appearance is skeletal, with glowing eyes and a maw filled with sharp teeth suitable for tearing and biting. In addition, their hooves are always wreathed in flame, and they exhale fire and choking smoke from their mouths and nostrils.[3]

Some Night-Mares have featured wings, enabling them to fly, though it is not known whether this feature is common to all Night-Mares.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Belgaroth and the Night-Mare

A Night-Mare serving as Belgaroth's steed

All Night-Mares share the ability to exhale choking smoke from their nostrils and mouths. In enclosed spaces this impairs a mortal opponent, as it hinders his sight and makes him choke for breath. As a result, in close combat with a Night-Mare an opponent deducts 2 points from his Combat Strength, especially when the fight takes place in a place with insufficient ventilation.[5]

Other MediaEdit

Further NotesEdit

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[6]
Knights of Doom (para120, para159, para176#, para230, para355, para396*, para400)

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