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Night Dragon
skill 17
stamina 32
Attacks 2
Weapon Used fire breath, huge claws fangs, acid fumes
Habitat Caves, the Dreamtime
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Dragon
Reaction hostile
Intelligence high (though half-conscious)
The Night Dragon was an awesome beast who was corrupted by the powers of Evil and fought alongside them during the First Battle.[1]

As one of the first of all Dragons, created by Kilanirax himself, the Night Dragon was protected by the Unbreakable Oath, which prevented Ancient Dragons such as himself from being opposed by the younger ones. This meant that the Conclave of Dragons was forced to resort to using a Human adventurer to prevent the creature from awakening again and spreading destruction across the whole of the world.

It is unknown exactly what kind of Dragon the Night Dragon originally was, before its corruption. Its physical form gives little away, for even if it is assumed that the colour of its scales had been as perverted by the forces of Chaos as its soul, then this does not explain why it lacks the other defining features of a Dragon species - namely, specific arrangements of horns and spikes across its skull and back. Furthermore, the Night Dragon proved able to breathe fire, ice and acidic gas in battle with very little recuperation time, causing even more damage than the breath of an adult Dragon, completely obviating the sole other method of determining a Dragon's type - its breath!

All this suggests that the Night Dragon was more than just one of the First Dragons, but one of the very first,[2] before the different sub-species developed. What is certain, however, is that the sheer multitude of bony protrusions across its entire body, spearing outwards from every joint and turning its face into a spiked mask of purest terror, combined with its awesome magical abilities and breath, are an outward indication of the immense power of this terrible beast. Worst of all, despite being severely weakened by the destruction of the magical machines which gave it strength and only half-conscious, it was still equal in strength to a fully grown Silver Dragon - and the hero sent by the Conclave to face it had a chance at survival only because the magical equipment and energies he was using and had encountered had nearly doubled his abilities, making him more than a match even for an adult Gold Dragon.

Réveil du Dragon de la Nuit

The Night Dragon awakes

The Night Dragon's base statistics were 17 skill and 32 stamina, before the latter is increased due to the time it takes to reach it - however, it is possible to reduce its skill by 2 and stamina by 5; and stopping it from using magic before even encountering it, but only if one is suitably equipped and goes down the correct paths.

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