Nomad Tribesman

Nomad Tribesman
Type Humans-Races/Nomads

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More information can be found at:Source[1]
Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World''(Small) (paraThe Flatlands pg19, paraThe Tale of the Halfhand Chiefs pg59, paraThe Age of Wizards pg64, paraThe City-States of the Old World pg68 pg70, paraThe Spgawning of Chaos pg74, paraT he Animal Court pg148, paraThe Dark Lords of Chaos pg151, paraThe Cities of the Snake Peopgle pg196, paraThe Demonic Three pg238, paraReckoning the Years pg266, paraTravelling from A(llansia) to B(addu-Bak ) pg273, paraMounted Travel pg274 pg275, paraGold Pieces and Other Coinage pg282)


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  1. Complete list of references catalogued by FF Titan Bestiary

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