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Author(s): Robert Douglas
Illustrator(s): N/A
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: September 14 2012
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Nye's Song is a fan written Fighting Fantasy adventure by Robert Douglas. It was published online in 2012 at The Chronicles of Arborell.


A daring mission deep within Shadow territory!

Since the mid-18th century, the world has been devastated by demons and black magic. Humans retreated to strongholds, on the defensive, researching science and the supernatural elements to help combat the 'Blight'. YOU are Captain William Nye of the Warwick garrison. An embittered veteran whose latest mission is to rescue a person of prominent status. However, YOU aren't so happy at risking the lives of your men for the sake of one soul, no matter how famous it is...

How to Endure the BlightEdit

The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System).

Unique RulesEdit

  • Meals restore 4 stamina points.
  • It's possible for the player to contract plague during the adventure; they must Test their Luck when wounded by carriers of such disease. Anti-viral (AV) shots are used to cure such affliction, but if the player contracts plague and runs short of AV shots, their adventure is over.
  • The player is accompanied by a platoon of five men. Casualties and additions must be noted to this platoon score which will have bearing on certain test rolls, encounters, and tight situations.

Equipment ListEdit

  • Blakrite Sabre
  • Pistol (with B-tipped bullets)
  • 4 Anti-viral Shots
  • 4 Meals

Main CharactersEdit

YOU: Captain William Nye - Warwick Garrison

  • Autumn Moon - folk singer
  • Eddie Earlstree - Sergeant
  • Nathaniel Richards - Captain
  • Stephen Hand - Colour Sergeant


  • Edith Weston
  • Heathcote Hall
  • Manton
  • Normanton


Further NotesEdit

  • Entry in the 2012 Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction.
  • The author named a main character Stephen Hand in tribute to one of his favourite Fighting Fantasy writers.


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