Nykosan Crocodile
skill 7
stamina 6
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Bite
Habitat Lakes, Rivers, Sea
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Reptile
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

There is actually nothing in canon to confirm the existence of the Nykosan Crocodile, a rare type of Crocodile.

Even Skullcrag offers no clues, and it features one of the best accounts of Lake Nykosa[1] - the creature's probable habitat.

One reason for the likely existence of the Nykosan Crocodile is that Lake Nykosa - the largest lake in Allansia - and its surrounding swamps make excellent Crocodile habitat.[2] Another reason would be that if we already have the Northern Crocodile recorded from as far north as Firetop Mountain, then the steamy sub-tropical swamps between the Sea of Pearls and Lake Nykosa would pose no problems for such an adaptable creature. Indeed, it is likely that the Northern Crocodile is a close relative of the Nykosan Crocodile, and the rest of this entry is therefore drawn from that of the former.

As for the rest of the Nykosan Crocodile's projected distribution, it is possibly found along the coast of the Sea of Pearls, north to the estuary of the River Sardath, and south to the Shabak Peninsula.[3]


Nykosan Crocodiles are large reptiles, around three metres long.[4] They have four legs with webbed feet, a vertically-flattened tail for propelling them through the water, and long, tooth-filled jaws for catching prey. Nykosan Crocodiles are covered in armoured scales that range in colour from yellow through green and grey, to almost black.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Similar to other Crocodiles, Nykosan Crocodies are not so skilled when fighting on land (their skill being reduced by 2 points), but if they can lure or drag their prey into the water to fight, they will prove deadly opponents.[5]

This is represented by making an opponent fighting a Crocodile reduce their Attack Strength by 1 whilst standing waist-deep in water.[6] Alternatively, there are a range of skill modifiers for combat depending on whether the victim is knee-deep in water (-2), waist-deep (-4), up to their neck (-6), or swimming (-8).[7]

Further NotesEdit

  • Nykosan Crocodiles are known for their voracious appetites, and they spend much of their day swimming in search of Fish, or larger prey if they are lucky, visible only as a pair of eyes peeking out above the surface of the water. The rest of the time they will be basking on the shore in the sun. Nykosan Crocodiles may be tremendously aggressive, and are not afraid to attack men or other creatures which disturb them.[5]
  • Nykosan Crocodiles are known to be preyed upon by both shoals of Piranha,[8] and the more solitary Giant Eel.[9]

See AlsoEdit


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