It is unknown when or by whom the deadly being known as an Obisian Predator was created, though given their great rarity and incredible strength, it can assumed that it was both a long time ago and by a very gifted sorcerer.

They are humanoid constructs, covered with a thin layer of living metal that is virtually impossible to penetrate using traditional weaponry, and are powerful enough to throw a fully-grown man several metres with a single hand!

Even without its nigh-indestructible armour, an Obisian Predator is a truly dangerous adversary, with its weapon of choice being a pair of viciously sharp blades attached to at least one wrist, and are strong enough to jump nearly ten metres in a single bound, easily evading blows or preventing anyone from escaping them. An unusual trait of these horrors is the level of intelligence they possess, collecting trophies from their kills and attributing differing values to them.[1] The only known vulnerability possessed by the Obisian Predators is lightning - they are natural conductors and if they are struck by it, will promptly explode.

One was known to have been sent to Sanger's Beacon in Blackhaven by Karam Gruul, where it would lie in wait for any who tried to take the Mask of Belthegor and eliminate them.

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