skill 4-10
stamina 7-19
Number Encountered 1
Type Humanoid/Ogre
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

The Ogre race can be found throughout Titan.


Ogres are a humanoid race averaging around 2-3 metres tall and often of a lumpy and ugly appearance, befitting their cruel and monstrous natures. They often inhabit wild areas and fight with wooden clubs or large animal bones, although slightly more 'civilised' ogres can be found in the services of barons and warlords, working as mercenaries or bodyguards.

They are infamous for their greedy appetites and their love of brutal, violent fighting.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Ogres are a chaotic race and therefore prone to mutations.


Further NotesEdit

  • Ogres are sometimes employed in north-east Khul as blacksmiths and have been known to be surprisingly skilled at the job.

Further Information in CanonEdit

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