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Ogreball is a game played in a number of places in Allansia.


The purpose of Ogreball is to complete as many circuits of a field delimited by sacks at a number of points on the field. The journey around the sacks can begin once the ball used in the game is struck. If the team opposing the striker of the ball either catch the ball without it bouncing, or get the ball to the sack the striker is making for, before the striker gets there, then the striker is out.


  • Flinger: One person is known as the "flinger". They fling a ball at a tree stump with the aim of hitting it.
  • Striker: The "striker" attempts to strike away from the tree stump a flung ball. If the striker hits the ball they must run round a circuit of sacks.
  • Fetchers: These players run after a struck ball with the aim of throwing it back to the tree before the striker returns.


The game is popular in western Allansia in towns such as Shazâar.[1]

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