Prince Olaf Twohorse was originally called Eril Shaker, this pirate chief changing his name early in his career.[1]

In 171AC he proclaimed himself leader of Blacksands Town, the remnants of Carsepolis after the Siege of Carsepolis during the War of the Wizards, which went on to become Port Blacksand. He is responsible for much of the new city and its walls. In 192AC he founded the Fire Island Prison Colony to cope with the many criminals sentenced under his laws, but it appeared soon that to get rid of all the criminals, it would have been quicker to transfer the few honest inhabitants to Fire Island rather than the criminals.[2] In 201AC he was deposed and murdered by the pirate known as Daggerface. After his death, and at the latter end of his reign, Prince Olaf was thought of as a good Prince.

Fire Island Prison Colony was left to itself after the death of Olaf Twohorse and the former Lizard Man Guards took over control of the island, turning the former prisoners into slaves.[2]

Rulers of Countries or City-States
Preceded by
Ruler of Port Blacksand
171AC to 201AC
Succeeded by

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