Old Time (abbreviated as OT)[1] defines the epoch in Titan's history that began with the ending of the Godswar and ended with the ending of the Chaos Wars after which a new dating system called After Chaos was introduced.[2]

It is reckoned to have been 1998[3] years in length, although in truth the reckoning of the years during the Splitting of Irritaria is believed to have been somewhat wayward and Old Time may be longer.

It is unknown when the use of Old Time became universally adopted and little in the way of Irritarian documents can shed light on this matter. It may well be that in ancient times, the calendars of the various states of Titan were counted in terms of the number of years of the reign of the current monarch and certainly this use of regal years is still used in Hachiman and similar systems can be found around Titan.

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Titan's Timeline
Time of Clay Time of Naming Godtime
- 1 OT
Old Time
1OT - 1998OT
After Chaos
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