Omorphina is the cruel leader of the black leather-clad Amazonian huntresses of the Owlshriek Forest.[1]

She wears black robes, has long black hair and Evil-looking eyes.[2]

Omorphina and her Evil comrades delight in the torture of their captives, submitting them to cruel tests, since they believe that they gain power from inflicting pain on others.[3] One of these tests is the Run of the Arrow (similar to the Troglodyte custom in Allansia), where an arrow is fired into the distance and the captive is allowed to escape as far as this arrow has flown before pursuit begins - it is rumoured that those caught by the huntresses are beheaded.[4] Another torturous trial is the Test of the Three Cuts, where the captive must cut through three logs and a piece of leather before a candle burns through a piece of twine, releasing a volley of poisonous darts.[5]

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